Source: Data displayed in the report is from the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) School Apportionment & Financial Services. It represents "Total Final Salaries" by school year.

Note: This report excludes on-leave staff for both certificated and classified categories (averaging less than 70 FTEs combined since School Year 2010-11). For staff with multiple duty assignments, the assignment categories with the greatest two FTE values were appended. For staff with multiple district assignments, the report displays the total final salary for each district. Click on the blue hyper-link name to see a summary of the total final salary for an individual that summarizes the district salaries. Use the dropdown boxes to filter the display by district(s) or assignments(s); use the SY2013-14 salary range boxes to filter by salary range; use the employee filter box to search for a specific name or name fragment.