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State Revenue: Inventory of State Imposed Fees

The Fee Inventory is a result of legislation passed into law (Chapter 63, Laws of 2013) requiring the Office of Financial Management to provide an inventory of all fees imposed by state agencies and institutions of higher education to be accessible on the fiscal website maintained by the Legislative Evaluation & Accountability Program Committee.

How often is this information updated? The legislation requires the fees be updated at least every two years with a goal of developing a process for more frequent updates.

What Fees are Included/Excluded? Fees set in statute and by administrative action are included. The inventory does not include charges, such as penalties, that might be considered fees for other purposes.

Fees imposed by state agencies and institutions of higher education reflect the most recent data collected by the Office of Financial Management.

The first table shows fees displayed by agency and year for the most recent five years.

The second table shows the statutory authority and purpose for fees.

Fees by Agency and Year

Statutory Authority and Purpose for Fees