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Current Budget Proposals - All Budgets Combined

A budget proposal is a draft version of the budget. Each proposal is an expenditure scenario prepared by agencies, the Governor, or the Legislature (e.g., Governor Proposed Budget). Budget proposals have not been passed by the Legislature. The Prior Budgets section includes proposals from past session years and enacted (final) budgets that were passed by the Legislature and signed by the Governor.

Current Budget Proposals

Links below contain budget bills and supporting documents for legislative budget proposals for all three budgets from current or recently concluded sessions.
Fiscal Period   Operating   Capital   Transportation
2024 Supplemental   House  Senate   House  Senate   House  Senate

For legislative proposals from previous years, see the All Budgets Prior Proposals page.

Note: For Governor budget documents, see the Governor's Budget page. For state agency proposals, see the Interactive Data Reports for the Operating, Capital, and Transportation budgets.