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Prior Transportation Budgets

A budget proposal is a draft version of the budget. Each proposal is an expenditure scenario prepared by agencies, the Governor, or the Legislature (e.g., Governor Proposed Budget). Budget proposals have not been passed by the Legislature. This section includes proposals from past session years as well as links to enacted (final) budgets that were passed by the Legislature and signed by the Governor.

Enacted Transportation LEAP Documents and Other Project Lists

Transportation LEAP Documents include legislatively-approved funding for transportation improvement and preservation projects. This includes highway, ferry, rail, and local road projects. These lists are referenced in Transportation budget bills and are created by the transportation fiscal committees.
2023 Enacted Documents  
Highway Projects Only 2023‐1
All Projects 2023‐2
Historical LEAP Transportation Documents Year-Citation
Actuarial Method Changes-State Z9R-2009
All Projects 2022‐2, 2021‐2 , 2020‐2, 2019-2, 2018-2, 2017-2, 2016-2, 2015-2, 2014-2, 2013-2, 2012-1, 2011-2, 2010-2, 2009-2, 2008-1, 2007-1, 2006-1, 2005-6, 2003
American Recovery & Reinvestment Act 2009
Compensation 2021 - Compensation, 713 ‐2015T
Certain Federally Funded Intersection/Corridor Safety Projects 2006-A
Connecting Washington Projects 2016-3, 2015 NL-1
Early Design, Preliminary Engineering and Right-of-Way Investments 2014-3, 2013-3, 2012-3
Employee Health Benefits 6M-2009
Health Insurance Increase GLB-2010A
Highway and Other Capital Projects 2022 NL-1
Highway Projects Only 2022‐1, 2021‐1, 2020‐1, 2019-1, 2018-1, 2017-1, 2016-1, 2015-1, 2014-1, 2013-1, 2012-2C, 2011-1, 2010-1, 2009-1
FMSIB (Freight Mobility Strategic Investment Board) Project List 2020‐3, 2019-3
Legislative Expenditure Plan for Additive Transportation Revenues 2012-4
Move Ahead WA Climate Commitment Act Spending 2022-A
Move Ahead WA Spending Summary 2022-B
Other New Law State Transportation Expenditure Commitments 2015 NL-2  (overlaps certain non-highway project list commitments)
Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety/Safe Routes to Schools 2022 NL-2, 2016-4, 2015 NL-4, 2013-A, 2011-A, 2009-A, 2007-A, 2006-B
Rail Projects Only Lists 2006-C, 2005-2
Regional Mobility Grant Program 2011-B, 2009-B, 2007-B, 2006-D
Retirement Systems for Transportation Agencies 2003-37
Transit Projects 2022 NL-3, 2015 NL-3
Thirty Maintenance Targets Listed by Statewide Priority 2013-4
Other Lists
American Recovery & Reinvestment Act Local Transportation Projects by Region (2009)
American Recovery & Reinvestment Act Congressional Transportation Earmarks (2009)