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Prior Omnibus Operating Budget Proposals

House 2018 Supplemental Operating Budget Proposals

The documents below are associated with legislative budget proposals. Information is updated when documents become available to the public. For a historical list of other final budgets, see the Enacted Budgets page.
(Most recent proposals listed top to bottom)
As Passed Legislature (3/8/2018)
Note: The content of ESSB 6032 passed by the Legislature is identical to the content of the Conference Report (H-5179.2)
ESSB 6032
Conference Committee (3/7/2018)
As Passed House Floor (2/26/2018)
Note: The House took action on ESSB 6032 rather than ESHB 2299. The content of ESSB 6032 adopted by the House on 2/26/2018
is identical to the content of ESHB 2299 on H 3rd Reading.

House Striking Amendment (H5073.1 to ESSB 6032)
Budget Outlook
Agency Detail
ESHB 2299 on H 3rd Reading (2/23/18)
SHB 2299 - House Appropriations Committee Passed (2/21/2018)
PSHB 2299 by Representative Ormsby (2/20/2018)
LEAP Documents: