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Prior Omnibus Operating Budget Proposals

Senate 2017-19 Biennium Operating Budget Proposals

The documents below are associated with legislative budget proposals. Information is updated when documents become available to the public. For a historical list of other final budgets, see the Enacted Budgets page.
(Most recent proposals listed top to bottom)
As Passed Legislature Operating Budget (6/30/2017)
Senate Passed (6/30/2017)
LEAP Omnibus Documents:
As Passed Senate Committee (6/30/2017)
Documents did not change from the Proposed Operating Budget Release
Proposed Operating Budget (6/30/2017)
LEAP Omnibus Documents:
K-12 Proposal (6/29/2017)
Senate Passed (3/23/17)
Senate Committee Passed (3/22/17)
Senate Chair Proposed (3/21/17)
Proposed Substitute to Senate Bill 5048
Summary (Overview, Fund Transfers, Revenue Legislation, Budget Outlook)
Agency Detail

LEAP Omnibus Documents (dated March 14, 2017):
LEAP K-12 Documents (dated March 17, 2017):