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Omnibus Operating Budget LEAP Documents

K-12 LEAP Documents

The first LEAP Documents were developed in the late 1970s to implement the state funding formula for K-12 school districts. Since then, K-12 LEAP Documents have included salary schedule details, district-specific salary allocations details, Special Education allocation details, and Complex Needs allocation details.
Current Enacted Regionalization Factors: (2024)    Excel | PDF
Enacted Local Effort Assistance Adjustments (2023):   Excel  |  PDF
K-12 Historical Documents:
Regionalization Factors | Staff Mix Factors* | Salary Allocations*
*Since 2018, these documents are no longer part of the K-12 budget. See the final bill report for HB 2242 and RCW 28A.150.412 for details.


Other LEAP Documents

Other LEAP Documents may include lists or schedules of expenditure items referenced in legislation. Examples include Cost of Living Adjustment Increases, Employee Health Benefits, and Authorizations for Information Technology Projects. These documents vary by year.
Year LEAP Document
2024 Information Technology PoolNew
2023 Information Technology Pool
Leased Facilities Pool
Office Space Use Reductions
Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA)
LEAP Transportation Document 2023-1 Highways
LEAP Transportation Document 2023-2 All Projects
2022 Information Technology Pool
LEAP Omnibus Document Tribal Allocations 1
2021 Information Technology Pool
LEAP Omnibus Document 2021 - FEMA PPE
LEAP Omnibus Document 2021 - Compensation
LEAP Omnibus Document HCBS - 2021 - Home & Community-Based Services (HCBS)
LEAP Omnibus Document MTCA – 2021 - Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA)
LEAP Transportation Document 2021-1 Highway Improvements
LEAP Transportation Document 2021-2 All Projects
LEAP Transportation Document 2021 - Compensation
2020 Information Technology Pool
Lease Cost Pool
2019 Efficiencies in State Spending
Information Technology Pool
Lease Cost Pool
2016 Information Technology Pool
Moore vs HCA Settlement
2015 Information Technology Pool
Compensation Items (Transportation)
2010 Health Insurance Increases
2009 Agency Belt Tightening Measures
Employee Health Benefits - Transportation 6M-2009
Actuarial Method Changes-State - Transportation Z9R-2009
2008 Health Professions and Facilities Fees - DOH-2008
Health Care Authority Administrative Account - C04-2008
Information Technology Pool Projects - IT-2008
Information Technology Pool Account Detail - ITA-2008
2007 Plan 1 COLA Increases - S01-2007
Puget Sound Partnership - PSAT-2007
Information Technology Pool Projects - IT-2007
Information Technology Pool Account Detail - ITA-2007
2006 Personnel Litigation Settlement
2005 Nonrepresented Employee COLA - 2005-33
Nonrepresented Health Benefit Change - 2005-34
Super Coalition Health Benefits - 2005-35
Pension Rate Changes - 2005-36
Pension Allocation Adjustments for Gain-sharing - 2005-37
Pension Allocation Reductions - 2005-38
Salary Survey - Nonrepresented Staff - 2005-78Z
WFSE COLA/Salary Survey - 2005-780
WPEA COLA/Salary Survey - 2005-781
IFPTE Local 17 COLA & Salary Survey - 2005-784
Coalition COLA & Salary Survey - 2005-786
2004 Self-Insurance Premium Reductions for FY 2005 2004-05,
Reductions to GF-S Personal Service Contracts, Travel and Equipment 2004-32
Employee Health Benefit Reductions for FY 2005 2004-38
Pension Allocation Increases for FY 2005 2004-39
2003 Legislative Liaisons Reductions 2003-34
Reductions to GF-S Personal Service Contracts, Travel and Equipment 2003-36
Contributions to Retirement Systems for Transportation Agencies 2003-37
Employee Health Benefits 2003-38
Pension Allocations